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Why Tebi?

We store your data in different servers around the world. Let customers access your data quickly and securely,hosted in their local region!

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Why is different from traditional Object Storage?
What makes faster than traditional Object Storage?
How guarantees data durability and availability? is a progressive s3 compatible geographically distributed object storage solution. Our decentralized data storage system sets new standards of data delivery speed and reliability by changing the main principles of cloud storage at the architectural level.

We believe that the first generation object storage platforms are already outdated on the architecture level and can no longer fit modern requirements.

    The key elements for any object storage system are:
  • data sender (your business);
  • data center;
  • the data recipients (your customers).

For fast and effective data delivery performance all three components should be located in the same place. The shorter the distance between them,the better the transfer speeds.

Your company shares the location with the connected datacenter, while your customers are much further away. This means that downloading each file will take them much longer than if they were closer to you. If your customers and the data center are in Europe, and you are in the USA, uploading data to servers will take ages.

While using regular object storage your data is usually stored on different hard drives, however it is also possible for it to be physically located in the data center on different racks or floors. This will save your data from some tech issues and unexpected events, such as local fire.

Popular cloud providers promise great durability and accessibility to your data. At the same time, their systems aren’t necessarily well protected from natural disasters that often affect data centers and even leave entire cities without electricity. When such things happen neither you nor your clients will have access to your servers. With Tebi, your data can still be available from another region, meaning that you and your clients are still able to access all your data. Even better, our system constantly monitors all of our individual servers and if one region goes dark, all traffic is automatically redirected to the next closest region.

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