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Broadcast sports competitions, shows, and any other live events around the globe with the highest quality and minimum delay. Our live replication technology delivers starts propagating data even before it is fully uploaded, significantly reducing lag.

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TEBI features

Reliability icon: experience 99.999999999% data reliability with Tebi


Are you looking for a data storage and disaster recovery solution that guarantees high availability and data protection? With 3 data copies in data centers across the world you will get the reliability level 99.999999999%.

Scalability icon: infrustructure without storage limitations


Not sure how much storage you will actually need? Enjoy unlimited scalability with Tebi, ensuring you don't overpay for storage you don't need and never run out of space when you need it most.

S3 Compatibility icon: experience effortless data management

S3 compatibility

Do you have S3 tools, utilities, plugins, and extensions that you know and love? Tebi's interface is designed to be compatible with the S3 REST API, enabling quick and efficient access and retrieval of data.

Speed icon: experience fast downloads, uploads & data replication


What makes Tebi so fast? Our secret is simple physics - your data is always stored close to users. High data delivery speed is built into our geo-distributed system on the architecture level.

Live Replication icon: maximum data protection and availability

Live replication

Need global access to large amounts of data with minimal lag? Tebi rapidly replicates data to multiple regions upon receipt, ensuring lightning-fast propagation rate.

FPT support icon: enjoy integration with your familiar software

FTP support

Looking for a familiar and efficient way to transfer files using FTP and FTPS protocols? Tebi seamlessly integrates with your preferred FTP software, such as FileZilla or Cyberduck.

Safety icon: different encryption options for secure data management


Are you wondering if your data is safe? We prioritize data security, implement access controls that restrict data access, use server side encryption and employ secure HTTPS network protocols.

Live Video Streaming icon: Geo-distributed storage optimisized for fast and reliable video streaming

Optimized for video streaming

Don't let lags or limited storage slow you down. Tebi is built to handle peak traffic and deliver VOD (video on demand) and Ultra-Low Latency HLS or DASH videos live streaming content instantly worldwide.

Granular copy control icon: ensure data availability without unnecessary costs

Granular copy control

Do you want to be in charge of your storage strategy? Fully customizable Storage Classes bring you the flexibility to determine the number of data copies and regions of storage.

Async uploads icon: boost file upload speed

Async uploads

Want to improve upload times for small files? With our async upload mode, metadata updates are processed in the background, enabling you to upload small files quickly, with metadata appearing with a slight delay.

Infrastructure flexibility icon: we can add a new server cluster upon request

Infrastructure flexibility

Are you searching for a storage system that adapts to your needs? Tebi is ready to be deployed where you need it. We have developed every byte in-house, providing us with unique infrastructure flexibility.

Personal assistant icon: explore our expert support and customised solutions

Personal assistant

Need help migrating data or enhancing functionality? Your personal Tebi assistant is always available. Our in-house experts can assist with code integration, migration or deploy a new cluster for your project.

Automatic data recovery icon: Tebi always keeps your data safe

Automatic data recovery

Ever wondered what happens in the unlikely event that an entire region completely fails? Tebi will automatically redirect all traffic to the next closest datacenter. With Tebi your data is always protected and accessible, no matter what.

Download from the nearest server icon: instant data access regardles of user's location

Download from the nearest server

Are your users in different regions? Tebi's geoDNS identifies location, finds the nearest storage cluster, and efficiently streams the necessary data. No matter where it's stored, Tebi ensures quick access.

Single namespace icon: data sharing and distribution made easy

Single namespace

Forget messy management of several buckets and multiple links. Tebi bucket has one global endpoint that serves all regions. Easily select target regions and amount of copies in Storage Class, and let Tebi handle the rest.

Upload to the nearest server icon: minimize latency and maximize transfer speeds

Upload to the nearest server

Looking for a way to upload large files and make them accessible worldwide? With Tebi your data is always uploaded to the nearest datacenter and GEO-distributed to target regions.


A laptop located on top of a white plate with a blue line in the middle

Free Tier + Pay As You Go

from $0 / month

Number of locations:


25 GB of data in 2 copies
50 GB total storage
+ $0.02 per additional GB stored

250 GB of outbound transfer
+ $0.01 per additional GB transferred

Support included

Unlimited uploads

A browser window located on the top of a white plate with a blue line in the middle

Transfer Oriented

from $500 / month

Number of locations:


5 TB of data in 2 copies
10 TB total storage
+ $0.02 per additional GB stored

50 TB of outbound transfer
+ $0.008 per additional GB transferred

Personal Assistant included

Unlimited uploads

A server icon located on the top of a white plate with a blue line in the middle

Storage Oriented

from $1200 / month

Number of locations:


50 TB of data in 2 copies
100 TB total storage
+ $0.016 per additional GB stored

50 TB of outbound transfer
+ $0.008 per additional GB transferred

Personal Assistant included

Unlimited uploads

TEBI competitors

Total storage


Total transfer


Free Tier +
Pay As You Go

25 GB of storage
250 GB of transfer

Transfer Oriented

5 TB of storage
50 TB of transfer

Storage Oriented

50 TB of storage
50 TB of transfer


Use cases

An image of two browser windows located one by one

Software Delivery

Downloading large installation files and regular updates can be problematic for your users around the world. We store your data near the customers, so they receive their updates on time, while other requests are processed as quickly and reliably as possible.

Two data servers located next to each other

Media Hosting

Store any amount of media files, including photos, videos, and audio. You can store an entire library. With Tebi it is convenient and accessible.

Download from the nearest server icon: instant data access regardles of user's location

Web Assets Delivery

Every website consists of many small and large static files. These files are called Web Assets. Site pages load faster if static files are stored closer to users. This is important not only for a better user experience but also for higher ranks in Google and other search engines.

An image of VR headset

VR Videos

VR video files are much larger than traditional video. If your VR video files are hosted in the US and your users are in Europe they may not be able stream them directly from your server. This problem can only be solved by placing a copy of your files closer to your users. This is exactly what Tebi does. It also does it seamlessly and starts replicating and propagating files to your other buckets even before you finish uploading them.

A stopwatch with '1 ms' written on it, and arrows from the top and right side

Ultra-Low Latency HLS

Up to 1.5s of global end-to-end latency is possible. Our DataStream technology will help you deliver live streaming video content as quickly as possible around the world. Learn more about ultra-low latency with chunked-encoded and chunked-transferred in Common Media Application Format (CMAF) here

A 'floppy disk' icon with a blue arrow representing backup

Backups and Archives

Tebi specializes in storing and delivering hot data, but you can also store cold data, such as Backups and Archives. Reliability is ensured by multiple copies, and security is provided by encryption. Tebi is an excellent solution for storing huge files, which is important for Backups and Archives.

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