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Built for geo-redundancy: experience 99.999999999% reliability with multi copies stored across the world.

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Tebi Geo-distributed redundant storage

The powerful combination of data redundancy and geo-replication. Perfect for applications requiring maximum consistency, durability, and availability, with excellent performance and disaster recovery capabilities.

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With Tebi, you can read and write data even if one copy becomes unavailable or unrecoverable, and your data is durable in case of a complete regional outage or disaster.

Get 99.999999999% durability for your data over a given year. Try it today and experience unparalleled resilience for your critical data.

Reliability is a critical aspect of data storage. There's a common perception that keeping data on-premises is the most reliable option. However, this couldn't be further from the truth. The best way to ensure protection against crucial data loss is to entrust it to cloud storage. The growing trend of companies moving their business to the cloud over traditional physical storage proves this.

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Reliability: availability and durability

When we talk about reliability, we typically refer to two key concepts: availability and durability. Availability refers to the uptime of your data, or how frequently it's accessible and not experiencing downtime or outages. Durability, on the other hand, refers to the likelihood of data loss or corruption.

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At Tebi we take your data storage very seriously – our system is built in-house from the ground up and operates with one mission, to be your trusted cloud storage solution. Learn about its benefits over traditional storage and don't settle for less when it comes to protecting your data.

What gives Tebi advantages that even massive storage providers may not be able to match?

Traditional cloud storage providers usually have a data center located in a single region or even single location, and all copies are stored on the hard drives within that data center. This approach can result in data loss or unavailability in case of a datacener-wide disaster, such as fire or flood.

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Tebi uses a geographically distributed storage system that ensures your data is stored in multiple regions Infrastructure Flexibility

This means that if one hard drive fails or becomes corrupted your data is still available on other hard drives, ensuring that you never lose access to your data.

The possibility of drive failure occurring simultaneously across multiple drives located in different regions such as America, Europe, and Asia is orders of magnitude lower than a single server failing in one datacenter.

While other providers may claim similar standards of reliability, none of them can match the exceptional level of control provided by Tebi’s Granular copy control feature. With Tebi users have the ability to decide exactly where their data is stored or how many server copies there are.

Service providers may expose your data to temporary unavailability during data migration, leaving your business in a state of uncertainty and vulnerability. Tebi’s geo-distributed system, developed in-house, eliminates the frustration and potential risks associated with this process and guarantees that your data will always remain available.

Tebi’s in-house developed Live Replication technology, being faster than traditional CRR, enables us to replicate your data across multiple regions concurrently, ensuring that your data is always available, even in the event of a regional outage or natural disaster.

Our unique storage classes: experience the freedom and flexibility to store data your way

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At Tebi, we provide you with tools that allow you to be in charge and easily manage copies of your essential data. Our unique storage classes give you the flexibility to choose a custom amount of copies in each region, which means you can add a storage class with more copies to a bucket that contains critical information. This ensures that your vital data is always available.

At Tebi, we understand the critical importance of data reliability and consistency. Take advantage of Metadata Write Concern setting that empowers you with a precise control of your data's integrity and ensures maximum reliability throughout the storage process.

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Begin storing data closer to your global users today

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Unlock the power of geo-distributed, S3-compatible, in-house built object storage.
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