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Live Replication

Worldwide data availability: geo-distributed object storage's live replication gets your data where you need it.

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Faster Global Performance

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Live Replication is a unique technology, provided exclusively by Tebi. It stands out by offering a highly efficient data replication mechanism. Once you activate this functionality, Tebi's system starts replicating first batches of data at an early stage, so you have a geo-redundant copy of your information, before even the whole object has been stored in the primary region. Tebi gives you the power to keep up with the demands of your business, no matter where in the world you and your users are.

What is Replication?

Data protection and disaster recovery are crucial aspects of any storage strategy. Creating multiple copies of your data ensures maximum durability, availability and protection against corruption, accidental deletion, or other types of data loss that can occur in any system. (at least 2 copies, with 3 or more to improve reliability). This process is known as data replication.

One CD disk is pointing to three other different CDs, representing replications.

Live Replication vs Cross-Region-Replication

As many businesses and organizations expand their operations to different countries and sometimes continents, they require a storage infrastructure that can ensure data consistency and availability across all regions. Traditional Cross-Region Replication (CRR) has been a popular method to achieve these goals.

Two speed gauges displaying the speed difference between live replication and cross-region replication.

Usually a new bucket is created in each region, each with a different link. This means that the user's application must decide where to send each request, which can be inconvenient and time-consuming. Furthermore, if replication fails or takes too long, the data will be unavailable in other regions until replication is complete, causing potential downtime for users.

Our Innovative Live Replication technology eliminates these issues. When you create a storage bucket with Tebi, it is available to all regions, and the endpoint is global for all users. This means that you don’t need to create a new bucket for each region. Instead, you simply define the number of regions and copies in Storage Class, and Tebi will take care of the rest.

A globe with users circling around it, representing a global endpoint for all users.

Minimize Risk of Data Lag: Implement Live Replication API with Tebi

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Tebi Object Storage is an ideal solution for use cases where minimizing data lag is critical. Viewers of live video streaming can enjoy a seamless and enjoyable experience without missing any critical moments. It provides seamless communication and collaboration in video conferencing and allows traders to make informed decisions quickly and accurately in high-frequency trading.

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