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Streamlined data management: geo-distributed object storage's single namespace for effortless global accessibility.

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Enjoy quick data access and share globally with Tebi Object Storage

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No more guessing which region your users are from, no more manually providing different links for different regions. Tebi has got you covered.

Simply upload your data and let Tebi do the rest. Our GEO-DNS system will independently direct end-users from different locations to different regions/servers, ensuring a seamless experience and access to data from a location in their own region without any extra effort on your part.

What is a Single Namespace?

Single Namespace is a feature that enables access to objects within a storage bucket using URLs that resemble domain names, which provides a simpler way to share and access content. You don’t need to worry about naming conflicts or inconsistencies. Tebi follows a universal namespace policy, meaning each bucket you create must have a unique name that is not being used by anyone else in the world.

What makes Tebi unique?

Our Live Replication allows you to upload files to a single bucket, while automatically replicating them in US, EU, and Asia regions. And with Tebi's unique approach, end-users from different regions will be automatically directed to the server in their region, making distribution across different regions easier than ever before.

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Virtual hosting with Tebi

When you store a bucket in Tebi, you choose a name for it, such as "my-bucket". This name must be DNS-compliant because Tebi uses this name as a subdomain in the URL that provides access to the bucket's contents, which looks like this “" This bucket name also becomes part of the URL for the objects within that bucket. An object within that bucket will look like "http://my-bucket.s3.tebi/my-object".

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If you want to give your website or service a more professional look or make it easier for your users to remember your brand and see your domain name instead of, or you can use a custom domain name for your Tebi bucket.

Simply add a bucket with the exact same name as your subdomain and create a CNAME record that maps your desired domain name to the Tebi S3 endpoint.

Additionally you can enable static website hosting on the bucket to be able to define a default index page document and custom error page. This means that you create a link between your domain name and your Tebi bucket.

For more details: - Documentation - Virtual Hosting.

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Unify and simplify your data storage with Tebi.

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Begin storing data closer to your global users today

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Unlock the power of geo-distributed, S3-compatible, in-house built object storage.
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