Ensure a superior software delivery experience for your clients, regardless of their location. Reduce traffic load and improve transfer speeds by using our geo-distributed cloud storage.

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Deliver updates to your international customers and teams in mere seconds

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Tebi is S3 compatible, in-house built customizable object storage. Designed and tested for containers and libraries used in software delivery, Tebi seamlessly integrates with your existing infrastructure. 

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Software delivery is at the heart of the IT company’s cycle. It is crucial to optimize the delivery speed to clients, no matter where they are located.

Powered by our geo-distributed infrastructure, we employ intelligent algorithms to dynamically route files from the region in closest proximity to each customer, significantly improving transfer speeds.

By distributing software data across multiple regions, Tebi helps alleviate the traffic load on a single storage location. This improves overall system performance and avoids congestion issues during peak demand.

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Your data is accessible globally and securely stored with the highest reliability levels supported by geo-redundancy. In the event of an outage or network disruption in one region, our system seamlessly redirects and streams requested software from alternative locations.

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Have you ever found yourself waiting impatiently for an installer to finish downloading? Well, we have great news for you!

When it comes to downloading installation packages, Tebi's performance surpasses current hosting methods up to 80%!

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Speed icon: experience fast downloads, uploads & data replication

We conducted extensive tests comparing the download speeds of industry-leading businesses' websites with the speeds they could achieve by leveraging Tebi's architecture and technology for containers, image storage, and libraries.

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This remarkable improvement in speed can be a game-changer, particularly for outsourced software developers who rely on timely project delivery to their partners.

We are thrilled to offer you the opportunity to experience the power of Tebi firsthand through a demo speed test. Witness the blazing-fast speeds and seamless performance of Tebi's technologies in action. 

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With Tebi, you have the power to customize the storage environment to fit your unique needs, including defining Storage Classes and deciding where and how many copies of your data to keep

The digital world is rapidly changing, and so is the software that runs on it. On-time and quality updates are crucial for software success. Tebi makes the distribution of new program versions easier, faster, and more secure.

Let us take care of optimizing your software delivery speeds and pushing updates to your clients as quickly as possible.

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Begin storing data closer to your global users today

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Unlock the power of geo-distributed, S3-compatible, in-house built object storage.
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