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Infrastructure Flexibility

Seamless data management across the globe.

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GEO-Distributed Tebi Object Storage

Tebi's geo-distributed architecture, developed from the ground up, is one of its distinct advantages. It allows us to serve your data to users around the world from a server that is physically closer to them.

A person standing in the middle of two circles that contain servers on them representing geo-distributed architecture.

This means that data access is faster and more efficient because it doesn't have to travel long distances to reach the end user. With data centers in four regions (US East, US West, Europe and Asia), and the ability to deploy a new server cluster in a wide range of locations, we're here to make your data management easier.

Adding a new region to Tebi is a quick and hassle-free process, typically taking no longer than a week. Plus, there's no additional fees, you only pay the standard fee for data storage and delivery.

What regions can be added to Tebi?

Tebi offers many different regions for deployment. Here is a list of locations where we can add a new server cluster:

North America

Ashburn, Virginia
Atlanta, Georgia
Chicago, Illinois
Dallas, Texas
Denver, Colorado
Hillsboro, Oregon
Houston, Texas
Los Angeles, California
Miami, Florida
New York
Seattle, Washington
San Jose, California
Vint Hill, Virginia

Beauharnois, Quebec

An image of North America region.


An image of Europe region.

Amsterdam, Netherlands
Athens, Greece
Bratislava, Slovakia
Bucharest, Romania
Dublin, Ireland
Gravelines, France
Frankfurt, Germany
Kyiv, Ukraine
London, United Kingdom
Madrid, Spain
Marseille, France
Milan, Italy
Paris, France
Prague, Czech Republic
Roubaix, France
Sofia, Bulgaria
Stockholm, Sweden
Strasbourg, France
Vienna, Austria
Warsaw, Poland
Zagreb, Croatia
Zurich, Switzerland

Middle East & Africa

Istanbul, Turkey
Tel Aviv, Israel
Johannesburg, South Africa

An image of Middle East & Africa region.

Asia - Pacific

An image of Asia - Pacific region.

Hong Kong
Tokyo, Japan
Sydney, Australia

South America

Bogota, Colombia
Sao Paulo, Brazil

An image of South America region.

Can you deploy Tebi in regions that are not usually supported?

Yes, we can! We understand that some of our customers may have unusual projects, so we offer the Premier option for setting up a private Tebi deployment exclusively for specific regions, that only you and your end-users can access. Reach out to for more details.

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A globe map with pins showing the locations of servers Image of two databases
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