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S3 compatibility

Experience unparalleled flexibility with Tebi's S3 compatible object storage, built for easy customization.

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S3 Tebi API

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Tebi’s interface was designed to be compatible with S3 REST API, allowing data to be accessed and retrieved quickly and efficiently.

You can easily migrate your data to and from Tebi, without any significant changes or adjustments to your existing data management workflows.

All you have to do is change the S3 endpoint in your applications.

Traditional storage systems store data hierarchically, in a structured tree-like format. The launch of S3 service established the new object storage standard, that uses a flat structure, where data is stored as individual objects, each with its own unique identifier. These objects are stored in a storage "bucket", which can be thought of as a container that holds related objects that can be managed independently.

What is S3 compatibility?

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With Tebi you can use your favorite tools, utilities, and applications that integrate with S3 API and have the flexibility to store and manage your data in a way that suits your specific business needs.

It allows you to manage storage easily and perform actions at both the object and bucket level. More about supported functionality.

Manage your data easily with the programming language of your choice. Whether you prefer JavaScript, Go, PHP, Python, or C++ , we have got you covered. Just set up and configure the SDK (Software Development Kit), and you are ready to go. The S3 SDKs are available in a variety of languages.

More affordable, more flexible: unleash the power of innovative solutions with Tebi

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An image of a user with a gear wheel next to it.

At Tebi, we understand that no two applications or projects are the same. We take pride in our in-house developed system, which makes us faster and more flexible in meeting your unique requirements. Whether you need a specific feature that isn't currently supported, assistance with utilities or programs, or guidance in optimizing your code, our dedicated team of Tebi experts is ready to provide the help you need. With our deep understanding of the Tebi system and its capabilities, we can offer tailored solutions and expert guidance every step of the way.

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Tebi Transfer Oriented and Storage Oriented plans include a Personal Assistant that offers integration assistance for your projects. Our team will provide guidance and support to ensure that your application is fully optimized and running smoothly with Tebi.

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At Tebi, we believe that innovative object storage technologies should be accessible to everyone. What sets us apart from competition?

Geo-distributed architecture with custom Storage Classes, designed to focus on distribution across regions, powered by unique features like our Live Replication technology, are specifically designed to achieve lightning-fast Hot Data delivery and make your data management easier, reliable and more cost-efficient.

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Begin storing data closer to your global users today

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Unlock the power of geo-distributed, S3-compatible, in-house built object storage.
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