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SwiftSend.io’s web-based platform provides a simple and easy way to instantly share files with anyone across the world. The service was founded in 2023 with a goal to disrupt the file-sharing market by providing unique functionality that significantly improves user experience. Its free service allows users to transfer files that are up to 10 gigabytes (GB) in size. SwiftSend Premium enables customers to send files up to 500 GB in size, store up to 5,000 GB, and enjoy many more features.

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The Challenge

The beauty of SwiftSend is its simplicity and unique functionality. Customers can use the service without registration or logging in, no additional software is required, only the browser. They just go to the SwiftSend homepage, add files and/or folders they want to transfer, and click the send button. The share link will be generated instantly – no need to wait for a complete upload like other services require. This allows users to start downloading right away while the upload is still in progress. And this happens absolutely effortlessly for its customers.

To achieve this, SwiftSend needed a platform that provides unique data streaming functionality, high availability, and consistent global performance.

swiftsend challenge

Why Tebi

SwiftSend development began in early 2023 by choosing the right platform for the challenge. Only Tebi.io met the requirements - worldwide storage, instant global data replication, data streaming, fantastic support, and reasonable prices. No other platform provides this unique set of functionality, service, and pricing flexibility.

Tebi.io manages uploads, global data replication, data streaming, encryption, storage, and data delivery to users. SwiftSend code doesn't ever have to touch the data, everything is handled by Tebi, even streaming ZIP files. Yes, you can begin downloading all files at the same time as a ZIP archive even before the upload finishes.

This allows us to concentrate on our platform development completely and not about data at all. No other object storage system provides this.

The Benefits

swiftsend benefits

Using Tebi has given SwiftSend the ability to focus on platform development and customer experience instead of data management. This enables us to keep our infrastructure relatively small and simple, cutting our expenses and development time significantly.

Tebi.io support is absolutely phenomenal, they were able to help with integration and implemented additional functionality that we required in order to reach our goals.

About SwiftSend.io

SwiftSend.io is a web-based platform that provides a simple way to share files instantly across the world.

About SwiftSend.io

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