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Geo-distributed storage that delivers worldwide

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Our geo-distributed object storage stores multiple copies of each file in different parts of the world, so you can be sure that a copy is always nearby.

Unlike traditional cloud storage providers, Tebi always accesses the nearest storage cluster when a user requests a file, ensuring that it gets as quickly as possible where it needs to be. This process is made even faster and more reliable through the use of private channels, which allow for secure and high-speed transfer of files.

This means that the user does not have to wait for the file to be downloaded from a server located on the far side of the world with multiple intermediate points, where the connection may be unstable.

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How does Tebi achieve this?

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When a user makes a request, Tebi's geoDNS automatically identifies their location and the nearest storage cluster and can quickly determine if it has the necessary data. If it is not available, Tebi will efficiently stream it from the cluster where it is stored, all while using a fast and secure private channel.

With Tebi, your data is always accessible to your end-users, no matter where they are.

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A globe map with pins showing the locations of servers Image of two databases
Unlock the power of geo-distributed, S3-compatible, in-house built object storage.
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