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Geo-distributed architecture for turbocharged data access powered by live replication, multipart and async uploads.

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Tebi's design philosophy is centered around speed, making it the fastest and most efficient object storage solution of its kind. Leveraging unique Live Replication technology and geo-distributed architecture, Tebi always manages data from the nearest server, resulting in accelerated download and upload speeds and faster replication to regions compared with traditional Cross-Region-Replication.

In today's fast pacing world, where businesses and individuals require quick access to data and information, speed is crucial. Whether it is downloading or uploading files, streaming media content, or accessing cloud-based applications, don’t let slow speeds impact your productivity.

Traditional storage solutions are struggling to keep up with the demand for faster data upload and transfer speeds. With the rise of remote work and the need for businesses to operate globally, speeds have become more critical than ever.

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One of the key factors that makes Tebi so fast is our unique geo-distributed architecture. Tebi’s data centers are located in multiple regions, which allows us to serve data to users all around the world from a server that is physically closer to them.

This approach reduces the latency and improves the overall speed of the service. Data is uploaded to the nearest server, and then it is transferred to the required regions over private channels. For instance, if you are in Poland, but your target audience is in the US, and you want to store data on servers on both US coasts, you will upload data to Germany, and it will be replicated to the US.

Tebi's Live Replication: Say Goodbye to Slow Replication

Our Live Replication technology will begin as soon as the file begins to upload. This means that the file will be available in all selected regions faster. Learn more about our Live Replication here.

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Tebi offers you enhanced upload and download speeds for both large and small files, streamlining the process and providing better control.

With Multipart Uploads feature, you can easily break down large files into smaller components and upload them in parallel, saving valuable time and increasing efficiency.

Async Uploads feature allows updating metadata in the background, maximizing the use of available bandwidth.

We don't expect you to just take our word for it. That's why we've developed a tool that allows you to test Tebi's speed in multiple locations with different connection speeds, measuring various indicators such as the time to receive the first byte of data, average download speed, and time to receive the entire file. Check right now how fast Tebi really is.

How geo-distributed storage works

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