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With Tebi your data is always uploaded to the nearest datacenter and geo-distributed to target regions. This approach provides geo-redundancy, minimizes latency and maximizes transfer speeds. Whether it's a large-scale file transfer from Asia to America or a bandwidth-intensive live broadcast of a World Cup match in Bahrain to users in Europe, with Tebi your data reaches its intended destination swiftly and reliably.

As the world becomes more connected, data is constantly being generated in one part of the world and consumed in another.

The traditional method of uploading data directly to the final location is slow and unreliable because of the significant distance between the content generation point and the final location. Moreover, the intermediate points between the two locations increase the risk of data loss.

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We understand that user activity and external events can be unpredictable when data is transmitted through public channels, and our goal is to ensure that your data always reaches its destination as quickly as possible. By utilizing private channels, we minimize the risk of external disruptions such as network congestion or malicious attacks. With reduced latency and increased bandwidth capacity, we provide faster and smoother data transmissions.

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A globe map with pins showing the locations of servers Image of two databases
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