Storing high-resolution photos, audio, and video securely requires lots of space. Our storage capacities ensure creating and maintaining large media libraries is easy and quickly accessible.

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The rapid evolution of digital media and the growing popularity of high-resolution content have changed entertainment and online experiences. Businesses across various industries are integrating video into their internal operations for communication and collaboration purposes. From streaming services to multimedia-rich websites, the demand for high-performing media storage has never been higher.

Traditional Content Delivery Networks (CDNs) have limitations in achieving optimal performance due to their reliance on caching mechanisms in edge data centers, resulting in potential latency issues for users in distant regions.

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Tebi was specifically designed and developed in-house from the ground up to efficiently handle vast volumes of unstructured data. Its geo-distributed architecture, data replication, and management features enhance data reliability and accelerate processing speed, making Tebi an ideal solution for storing high-resolution photos, audio files, and videos with global access.

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Global Reach, Local Delivery:

With data centers strategically located worldwide, your media files are stored closer to your users, ensuring a seamless availability and geo-redundancy.

Single Namespace

Single namespace icon: data sharing and distribution made easy

Single Namespace

Say goodbye to the tedious task of managing distinct links for diverse regions. Simply upload your data and rest assured that data access will be seamlessly optimized by Tebi, effortlessly connecting users to a server located within their region - all achieved without any additional effort on your part.

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Personal assistant

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Personal assistant

With Tebi in-house development team, we offer a unique advantage of being able to add any functionality you may need. We have comprehensive knowledge of our system, allowing us to quickly and securely add features that align with your specific requirements. Our robust architecture, combined with carefully configured technology, ensures optimal performance and reliability. Trust us to deliver tailored solutions efficiently, enhancing your experience with seamless and secure functionality.

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Seamless Migration Process

If your current hosting provider fails to meet your storage needs, has got you covered. Our specialists will assist you in making the migration process fast and painless. With our large storage capacities and geo-distributed infrastructure, Tebi is an ideal fit for start-ups and rapidly growing companies seeking scalable and reliable media hosting.

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With Tebi, you only pay for the data stored and transferred, without any hidden API fees

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Benefit from increased availability and fault tolerance, as your content remains accessible even during regional outages or heavy traffic. Enjoy cost efficiency with our transparent pricing model, eliminating unpredictable costs and maintain full control over your assets with customizable Storage Classes.

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Streamline your remote collaboration workflows with Tebi: geographically distributed storage, connecting teams across different regions.

Picture an European advertising agency running a global marketing campaign, capturing videos in Los Angeles and Paris, and editing them in India. Unlike traditional cloud providers that struggle with transferring large 10-50GB files between Europe and Asia, Tebi's geo-distributed object storage ensures lightning-fast and secure transfers across diverse locations. 

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Begin storing data closer to your global users today

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Unlock the power of geo-distributed, S3-compatible, in-house built object storage.
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