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Geo-Distributed Object Storage for Software Delivery

Make sure your international customers and teams receive updates in seconds from our geographically distributed storage.

Join for free! is great solution for containers and libraries used in software delivery

One of the most important stages in the IT-company cycle is software delivery. We conducted numerous tests comparing the world’s biggest companies' websites' current download speed with those they could achieve using Tebi for containers, image storage, and libraries.

Have you ever had to wait ages for an installer to finish downloading? Well, good news! Downloading an installation package from Tebi was on average 35 to 70% faster than with current hosting methods!. This can be a great help also for outsourced software developers, making sure all projects are delivered to partners on time.

Companies in the B2B space have to ensure great software delivery speed to clients, regardless of their location. Tebi delivers files from the region closest to the customer. This can reduce traffic load and significantly improves transfer speeds.

The digital world is rapidly changing and so is the software it runs on. On-time and quality updates are an important factor of software success. Tebi makes distributing new program versions easier, faster, and more secure. Our smart object storage cloud takes care of optimizing your software delivery speeds and helps you push updates to your clients as quickly as possible.

Tebi is great for video games delivery. With us, it is easy to provide access to all of your developers’ team members and manage essential files together. Our service works great for real-life online games with multiple players and various scenarios. We also recommend using the geo-distributed cloud for mobile apps and games especially for titles popular on Google Play or Apple Store and using external storage. Tebi has a well-developed capacity to store and exchange data for multiple users. Developers specialized in mobile games can also benefit from our free unlimited transfer plans, which can save you a fortune if you regularly deliver data to your app on users’ devices.

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