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Globally Distributed Storage for Backups and Archives

Data safety and security are just as important as their availability. We ensure that all data transfers are fast and secure.

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All files exchange among our servers is always automatically encrypted
Why Tebi.io is a problem-solver?

We guarantee safe and opportune backups when you need them. We went one step further from the traditional backup concept and reduced the chances of losing important data by locating replicas in different regions. In case one file is missing on the closest to your server, it will automatically load from another copy. No cloud provides 100% safety, but using Tebi.io, if the error occurs you don’t have to try fixing it, our algorithms will do it for you.

Institutions like hospitals, banks and universities can also benefit from geo-distributed cloud services. Even though their customers are usually located in one geographical region, they might improve productivity with higher security levels enabled by multilevel encryption and unlimited space we provide. Encryption is enabled in the bucket settings and applies to all files you upload when you turn it on.

You can use Tebi.io as an automated daily backup system. Your data can be stored for the period you determine and could be easily restored when there is a need. Even with a low volume of data, backups require additional space.

Cloud-agnostic companies, for this purpose, build their own data centers, even though it is very costly. Additionally, storing your data in a dedicated data center means that there is no guaranteed safety and disaster recovery, while building and maintaining costs are very high. With Tebi.io you are sure that your files are secure and you are not overpaying since we manage all the technical processes for you.

Safety is one of the most important criteria for storage platforms. We rely only on secure ciphers and the latest versions of TLS.

Using the keys for different access levels won’t affect the backups in any way, all the changes are saved automatically.

Video and audio storage is essential for companies in the safety area. Call recordings as well as video copies from security cameras take lots of space but have to be securely stored and easily accessed by authorities.

Our backup system would also be a great solution in this case since we can prolong the data availability even when it’s already deleted. The other solution would be an individual small server room, but it’s not very effective and yet not protected from damage.

Another area that daily generates huge amounts of data in scientific research. Many scientists work internationally having laboratories and facilities around the world. As a decentralized cloud, Tebi.io can guarantee maximum download and upload speeds for heavy archives as well as frequently renewed data from connected institutions and independent scientists. We ensure that all data transfers are fast and secure.

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